International Postcard Swap


This is the amazing roundup of what will be on show at the Exhibition.


OSullivanWebJ. O’Sullivan ” Aberystwyth Castle Stairs1atkins1Web V. Atkins “Family First2baldock2Web G. Baldcok “First Letter3baldock3Web G. Baldock “First Fruit4ballands4Web J. Ballands “The First Day5blackwell5Web K. Blackwell  “First Letter6bliss6Web M. Bliss “Hole in One13deballe13Web B. DeBalle “Owls12dawson12WebM. Dawson “First Hand” 11curry11WebB. Curry “First Served” 10colwell10Web V. Colwell “What Came First9christensen9WebB. Christensen “First Look, Last Light” 8brack8WebL. Brack “Dawn’s First Light” 7brack7Web L.Brack “First Bite

14denham14WebS. Denham “First Car” 15goldsmith15Web J. Goldsmith “First Awareness16herford16WebK. Hurford “Fortune Favours the Bold17lansell17WebM. Lansell “Beginnings of a Big Tree” 18lietzke18Web T. Lietzke “First Day19lloyd19WebP. Lloyd “Le Debut Collagraph” 20lowe20Web T. Lowe “Before I Start” 28pearce28WebS. Pearce “Outlaw” 26mueller26WebB. Mueller “Abor Magica” 25mosshammer25WebM. Mosshammer “First Swim” 24mitchell24WebS. Mitchell “Numero Ono Series 323mitchell23Web S. Mitchell “Numero Ono Series 222mitchell22Web S. Mitchell “Numero Ono Series 121macfarlane21Web

L. MacFarlane “Each Step on a Tightrope Feels like the First


P. Peckham “The First Thing She Ever Knitted

30polkinghorne30Web S. Polkinghorne “My First Contribution31schneider31Web M.L. Schneider “The Fabric of Time32shearer32Web S. Shearer “Nan Tien First Toll33sorensen33Web P. Sorensen “First Kiss34steer34Web C. Steer “The Koru35stein35WebM. Stein “First Convincing Cloud” 42lietzke42Web T. Lietzke “What Came First?41zimmerman41Web B. Zimmerman “First Animals40ward40Web J. Ward “Pied Oystercatchers39waghorn39Web R. Waghorn “First Light38taylor38Web J. Taylor “First Cuppa37tait37Web D. Tait  “Skyline” 36stevens36WebR. Stevens “First Aid

I hope you all enjoy the fantastic line up for our very first Inaugural Printbank Mackay 2015 Postcard Swap

Please join us for the Exhibition & Auction Friday July17th at Mackay Town Hall 6:30 pm