Plastic Plate Collograph Workshop 11th March 2018

With Traci Lietzke

Workshop will start at 12noon and should finish no later than 4pm.

Cost is $10 for members, plus $5 if you require a plate. We will use Printbank inks.

Plastic Plate Collograph

Using PAL-Lite plastic plate to create a collograph (or collage print) using tape, gel medium, shellac, textures & incisions. Printing using two or more colours of ink.

Materials List

Plastic plate can be purchased at Bunnings in the timber section

Or I will have small (just under A4 size) plates available for purchase for $5 each

Please bring:

  • Design idea under 220mm x 170mm (if you are getting a plate from me, or to suit your size if you are bringing your own plate)
  • cutting matt & cutting blade
  • drypoint etching tools (Printbank has some)
  • lino cutting tools (Printbank has a set to use if needed)
  • gel medium (matt or gloss) and gesso (if you have some)
  • PVA glue
  • carbon paper or other transfer technique to transfer your design
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • pallet knifes and paint brushes
  • paper for printing 200gsm and above is best, need to be strong enough to soak

And any of the below you have available:

  • Tape (masking, sticky, insulation, duct, textured and/or plasters tape) bring as many different types as you have and please share around. Have a look in the toolbox.
  • sandpaper any grit and several grits if available
  • any items with texture that are no thicker than 1-1.5 millimetre (fabric, string, cling film, yarn, dried leaves, feathers, lace, onion bag netting, egg shells and so on) search the house and bring whatever has a texture you like, can not be hard plastic or metal.
  • Nail polish
  • shellac (I will have some, but bring some if you have it)
  • stencils
Please RSVP to the Printbank email –