Swap 2016 Drypoint

Swap 2015  Foliage

Swap 2013  In and Around Mackay

Swap 2014  Faces that interest Us

Swap 2012  Margaret Olley

Swap 2011  Tree Trunks

Swap 2010  Grate Company

Swap 2009  Self Portrait

Printbank Collection February 2014

2005 1 boxed edition of “ Mango Shade” edition number three plus two unboxed for sale , numbers 11&12.
2009 Inaugural Awards “This Was Almost Ned” by Martin Francis.
2009 Swap Collection “Self Portraits”
2010 Swap Collection “Grate Company”
2010 LIBRIS Awards “The Sea and The Sky” collaboration piece.
2010 Print Awards “No Words” by Heather Walker.
2011 Swap Collection “Tree trunks”
2012 Swap Collection “Tribute to Margaret Olley”
2012 Print Awards “KaBoom Town“ Tony Drury
2013 Swap Collection “In and Around Mackay”
2014 Swap Faces that interest us
2015 Swap Foliage
2016 Swap Drypoint