The Printing Process: Technical Information

More about Linocut

A little guide to the various methods used to make original prints.


General information about which papers are suitable for which printing method (including brands) is available on the Legion Paper website.  Hand printing, without a press, like for wood block or lino printing, you normally use a lighter paper – up to 125 gsm. However, with a press you can use any weight of paper.

Town Hall Press Checklist

☐Protect the felt (the felt is rolled up in the cupboard) with some Blotting or similar paper

☐Ensure there is a plastic sheet (Mila) on top of the press bed. This is actually only a need, when you make a registration, for put this registration paper under the plastic shed.

Check the pressure for your plate – note position of handles

Registration marks on a separate paper for your plate and paper size will ensure consistent placement.

Clean the edges of your plate before printing (avoid smudges)

Never put some hard item under the press (like Scissor or screw will damage the roll)

☐For large sheets of paper make sure somebody is your printing buddy

☐Always have clean hands when using the press – never inky hands.

Clean the plastic bed protector sheet press bed after printing with a rag and tiny bit of vegetable oil (remember oil ink will not be removed with water). Never use Turpentine inside, go outside otherwise in the air-condition.

☐Printing in a group, communicate with each other to be fair about turn taking.

After finish printing released the pressure of the press and take the felt away and rolled up and put it back in the cupboard.

Cover the press with the black cover and clean up your work bench.