Workshops and Open Sessions

Please see the page titled “Printbank Mackay 2018 Calendar” for dates for all the workshops available this year.
Upstairs at the Old Town Hall, SYDNEY STREET, MACKAY
Time: arrive 10:00 am … Should finish about 3pm.
Re-visit the copper plate etching we did with Jill O’Sullivan in 2017.
For those who did complete the workshop with Jill, you may choose to participate and pay $10 for the use of etching supplies ($5 for venue fee & $5 for use of products such as acid, BIG, plate cleaning items and so on).
For members who DID NOT do the workshop and require tuition it will be $15 (fees same as above + $5 for tutor fee).
EVERYONE will need a copper plate (0.9mm thick — 200mm L x 150mm W APPROX).
They are available for around $9 per plate from Melbourne Etching Supplies (delivery can take > 2 weeks).
Or you may choose to get your plate somewhere else (e.g. Milton Street Picture Framing) ….another size would be fine also, as long as it’s small enough to fit into the acid bath tray.
Other Materials you need to bring:
SANDPAPER -various grits wet and dry 1200, 260-400 grit
BRUSHES – small  fine brushes for the coffee lifts
CARBON PAPER – for transferring images
DRAWINGS (to fit your plate size)
Paper for printing
We look forward to seeing you all there.

Click here for Pop up Studio / Open Studio info
One Wednesday/month from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm (max. 4 people)
Cost $20.00 please book in by Brigitte
0428455188 or
Bring your own materials!!!

Materials list for Pop up / Open Studio:
Closed in shoes
Protection for clothes
If you have a favorite ink, Tarletan, rubber Gloves, rags for cleaning
Plate and paper bigger than the plate
Printbank provides the following supplies (for a small fee)
Inks, spatula
Vegetable Oil
Water tray, towel (for drying papers)